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How do you configure named table structures within the Custom Excel conversion panel?


Able2Extract Professional 12.0 – which is our latest version – supports the ability to create Named Table Structures. A Named Table Structure is one that can be shared by different tables in the same or different page ranges.

To name a table structure, right- or left-click on the colored square in the upper right hand corner of your selected table structure. Select Assign name to table structure.... Then in the dialog that appears, provide a name for your table. Any additional named table structures will populate the Existing Named Table Structures field as you create them. Click on OK.

To remove a name for a table structure, right- or left-click on the colored square of the table you wish to remove and select Turn into unnamed table structure.

Note that the named table structure does not disappear when you select this option and that the functions from this context menu affect only that table. Completely removing the named table structure can be done through the dialog provided via the Manage... button.

For full control over all the named table structures in your PDF, click on Manage... from the side panel. In the Manage Named Table Structures dialog that appears, click on the named table structure you wish to modify or remove. Changes made here will affect all tables in the document that are assigned a Named Table Structure. You can choose to either Rename your tables or Delete them by clicking on the corresponding button below. To apply your changes, click on OK.


Able2Extract can search for tables with the same or similar column positions and automatically create Named Table Structures for them (only among consecutive pages with the same size and orientation)

The feature can be turned on by selecting the Advanced Analysis checkbox in the Settings dialog. Note that the effect of this setting in an Automatic PDF to Excel conversion would produce the same results as a Custom Excel conversion without having had any customizations applied during the process.



This article refers to Able2Extract Professional.

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