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Is it possible to convert a PDF so that each page of the PDF file is converted as a separate sheet in one Excel file?


Yes, this is possible.

If you have version 10.0 of Able2Extract or later, please follow the steps given below in order to convert data from each page of a PDF document into a separate worksheet in Excel: 

  1. From the View menu select "Conversion Options…"
  2. In the Conversion Options dialog select the Excel/CSV Tab
  3. On the Excel/CSV Tab please make sure that Default option is selected as Excel Format. 
  4. Then uncheck the "Single Worksheet" check-box. 
  5. Click on the OK button – if you want to use this setting for one session only, or click on Save as Default button and then on the OK button – if you want to change this setting permanently.
  6. Now open your PDF file in Able2Extract and convert it to Excel in a usual way.


If you have version 9.0 of Able2Extarct or older, you just have to uncheck the "Excel Single Worksheet" option from the View menu. 
Now you can open your PDF file in Able2Extract application, select the data and convert it to Excel in the same way as you did before.


This article refers to Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.

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