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Is it possible to convert a PDF so that every page of the PDF file is converted as a separate sheet in one Excel file?


Yes, it is.  You need to go to the View menu in order to arrange this. 

Excel Single Worksheet

The default for this menu item is pre-selected. Once selected, this item ensures that all data converted from a single PDF document ends up on a single worksheet in Excel. If you decide to unselect this item, data from each page of a PDF document will appear in a separate worksheet in Excel.

Excel Fonts command (View menu)

Use this command to turn on/off excel fonts for the to-Excel conversion. When turned on (which is the default setting), this feature attempts to replicate the size, colour and type of font from the PDF in Excel. When turned off, the standard excel font is used.


Keys:    F6

This article refers to Able2Extract  and Able2Extract Professional.

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