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How do you configure rows within the Custom Excel conversion option?


By default, the conversion algorithm will create a separate row for each line of text that is recognized within a table. In certain cases, however, this may not appropriately capture how the data should be converted (for instance, a "cell" within a table that has multiple lines, whereas other columns just have a single line of data).

The first step is to check the Show Rows item under the Rows area of the conversion Panel. This will show the rows on the page, and should correspond with the row placement in the Excel Preview panel. The second step is to check the Manual Row Editing item in the conversion Panel, which will activate the Add Rows and Erase Row Line icons in the conversion Panel. Once these are active, you can now manually add and remove rows in the same way you would add and remove columns.


In some cases, the rows automatically generated by Able2Extract may not appropriately capture how the data should be converted. For instance, a cell within a table may have multiple lines while other cells may have a single line of data. The conversion results for both will vary. Thus, it may make sense to use other points of reference to define your rows.

With Able2Extract, you can demarcate the rows within a table based on a specific column table or by using the existing row lines on the page. Click on the Row Settings... button to get the dialog below:


First, locate and specify the column tables to use:

Page Range: choose the selected page range from the drop-down list which contains the table structure you wish to work with.

Recalculate Manually Edited Rows: this option will recalculate the rows you have already manually selected and edited via the Manual Row Editing option in the side panel.

Table: this option will allow you to select an individual table in the selected Page Range.

Then select which type of scheme you want to use to demarcate your rows:

  • Standard: this is the default option. When selected, the conversion engine will create a single row for each line of text.
  • Use Document Horizontal Lines: use the existing row lines on the page as a model for your row structure.
  • Key Column: select a specific column to adjust your rows based on a specific column table within a table.

Shift All Horizontal Lines Up by: this option will allow you to effectively shift all row lines at the same time to correct any misalignments.

Note: This shift is measured in points.

Click on OK to apply the settings to your selection.


This article refers to Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.

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