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How do you configure headers and footers within the Custom Excel conversion option?


For multi-page reports, users may want to exclude the headers or footers from the table. This is controlled by the horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the page. The headers and footers appear as black lines that go completely horizontally across the top and bottom of the page. To adjust the header, click on the "Edit header" icon on the conversion panel. Then use your mouse and left click the header, hold, and move the mouse up and down to move where the header falls. To adjust the footer, click on the "Edit footer" icon on the conversion panel, left click the footer line, and adjust accordingly.

The Header/Footer "Settings..." button in the conversion Panel enables the user to select to enable/disable the headers and footers. The user can also opt to keep the contents of the first header (and exclude the rest of the headers) – this is useful for tabular data, such as a report that spans multiple pages, where the header data is useful at the top of a spreadsheet, but not necessary through the rest of the data set. Similarly, the user can opt to keep the data in the last footer – which in some cases may contain table summary or sums from the data set which the user may want to retain in the spreadsheet.



This article refers to Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.

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