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What does Page Range feature in Custom PDF-to-Excel panel serve for?


The Page Range feature enables users to select the Page Range to apply a table structure on each page of the indicated page range. The Extend... icon enables users to add additional pages to the table structure. The Exclude icon enables users to exclude a page within a previously selected Page Range.

By default, when the user enters the Custom Excel conversion after selecting the whole document, or selecting several pages of a document, then the entire document will be selected as the Current page range. When the user enters the Custom Excel conversion after selecting only a portion of one page on the document, then only the current page will be selected as the Current page range.

Navigation for Page Range selections can be viewed on the left-side Thumbnail preview sidebar. The initial selection should appear with a green border around the entire page.


The Extend... option will allow you to include additional pages to the current table structure. To start, click on the Extend... button. In the Extend Page Range dialog, use the spin boxes to specify the first and last page or the range of pages you wish to include in the table structure. Then click on OK:


To exclude (isolate) pages where the formatting is different than the current table structure, you can use the Exclude option. Clicking on the Exclude button from the side panel will exclude (isolate) the active page from the current table structure. This will allow you to adjust the table structure for this page, separately from the rest of the file.


This article refers to Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.

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