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How do you configure columns within the Custom Excel conversion option?


Once a table has been created by the software, you can additionally adjust this table structure by using the tools in the Custom Excel conversion Panel. To add a column, click on the "Add Columns" icon, and then left click where you would like to add a column within the table. To remove a column, click on the "Erase Column Line" icon and then left click on a column line you wish to erase.

The drop-down menu below the Add/Erase column icons has to do with the treatment of content (such as text or numbers) when it comes into contact or into close contact with a column line. The two most common treatment items are either "Never Split" or "Always Split". Here is a brief explanation about how to use these options. For example, if you are trying to convert a PDF file to Excel, and the data from one field (column) continuous into the next field (column), you may wish to select the "Never Split" option to ensure that all the data from one field will stay in that same field, and will not cross into another cell (regardless of the column line).

On the other hand, if the column line intersects the data in one field, and you chose the "Always Split" option from the same drop-down menu, the data will be split into the two neighbouring fields (columns), exactly where the column line intersects.

Similarly, if you choose the "Split Only Between Words" option, the data will again be divided in two neighbouring fields where the column line intersects, but at the same time the software will keep integrity of the words.

In some cases, say, where a page is slightly tilted, so a column line does hit some words or numbers, you may want to use one of the other two drop-down options, such as "Split if 2 Spaces Between Words".

As for the button below the drop-down menu, which is entitled "Column Types", it allows you to designate how the content within each column is treated for the purposes of Excel – as numbers, by default, or text. The Tables are represented within the dialogue from top to bottom, on the active page.



This article refers to Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.

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