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I converted my PDF document to Word, but the font in the Word document differs from the PDF fonts. How can I make it produce a font similar to the one in the PDF?


Unfortunately, our products cannot always replicate the fonts shown in a PDF document. This is most often the case when the font in the PDF file is embedded. Embedded fonts cannot be perfectly extracted since most embedded font formats used in PDF are not recognized by Word, and also because using such fonts could constitute copyright infringement due to their proprietary nature.

As such, Word will try to find the best possible match from the fonts available on your computer, or if no match is possible at all, it will default to Times New Roman.

The best solution is therefore to allow the conversion to occur, and then to select the document's text and change the font manually (from the list of available fonts in Word) to the one that is most aesthetically pleasing to you.


This article refers to Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.

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