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Do I have the ability to convert scanned PDFs?


Whether you will be able to convert scanned PDFs or not, will depend on which edition of Able2Extract you have – Standard or Professional.

If you have Standard Edition, unfortunately you won’t be able to convert scanned PDFs, as Standard edition does not contain the OCR engine required to convert scanned PDFs. Hence, Able2Extract Standard can only convert native PDFs (i.e. documents that are generated and saved by a computer application).

On the other hand, in cases where a user scans a paper document by using a scanner and then saves it as a PDF, it is a scanned PDF or an image PDF. To convert such PDFs, you will need Able2Extract Professional as it is capable to lift the textual information off the PDF and make the conversion.


This article refers to Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.

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