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How can I speed up the PDF to Excel conversion process in Able2Extract?


Users may frequently encounter the need to convert PDF documents containing a large number of pages (eg. 500+).  While the speed of Able2Extract's PDF to Excel conversion is very good, conversion will inevitably take a little more time when a large number of pages are being processed.

Here are a few quick tips to speed up conversion:
  1. Turn off the "Excel Fonts" Option in the View Menu
    The Excel Fonts command turns on/off excel fonts for the to-Excel conversion. When turned on (which is the default setting), this feature attempts to replicate the size, colour and type of font from the PDF in Excel. 

    When turned off, the standard excel font is used.  As such, Able2Extract spends less time attempting to replicate the fonts found in the PDF document.
  2. Turn off the "Excel Spacing" Option in the View Menu
    The Excel Spacing command turns on/off the automatic spacing for the to-Excel conversion. Turning this option off in addition to turning off the Excel Fonts will speed up conversion.
  3. Excel Spreadsheet Limitation 
    Prior to Excel 2007, Excel spreadsheets could contain only 65,000 rows. In cases of very large PDF documents that require conversion from PDF to Excel, it is possible that the number of rows in Excel could be exceeded. This may cause Excel to crash or freeze. In this case, it is suggested that the to Excel conversion take place in two or three parts. This will ensure that the 65,000 row limit is not exceeded.

This article refers to Able2Extract  and Able2Extract Professional.

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