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Do tip balloons need to be visible? Can I turn them off?


By default, the Tip Balloons are displayed to help you familiarize with Able2Extract as you use the program. Able2Extract provides you with a customized set of tips to walk you through a specific PDF task you wish to accomplish, such converting a native PDF, editing a PDF, signing a PDF document and more.


By default, the Tip Balloons are set to appear on the application’s startup. However, you can always access them by going to menu Help -> Show Tips...

From the Select Tips dialog that appears, select which PDF task you need help with by clicking on the corresponding push button.

Able2Extract will close the dialog and immediately display the first tip balloon of your selected PDF task. Simply follow the directions to present the next tip automatically. The position of the Tip Balloon will indicate the location of the button or menu or toolbar needed to access certain functionality.

You can close the Tip Balloons dialog without having any walk through tips by clicking on Not Now. The dialog will reappear again the next time you start up the application.

After you become familiar with how the program works, you may wish to deactivate the Tip Balloons. To do this, check the "Do not show this dialog on startup" checkbox.




This article refers to Able2Extract Professional.

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