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How can I configure the conversion of repeated characters?


Eliminate Repeated Characters - Documents will occasionally have a line of repeated characters, which may interfere with PDF conversion results.

The Eliminate Repeated Characters (if more than 5) setting allows the user to replace commonly repeated characters, such as asterisks (more than 5, ******) with the following: " *** “�. This option should be utilized in documents where the repeated characters are causing problems to the conversion output. This option does not change the way multiple (more than 3) dots are processing “” they are kept in RTF/DOC conversion and eliminated otherwise. This option is available for (1) all types of conversions; (2) for MS Excel only; (3) ignore and keep all characters. The default option is for MS Excel Only.

This article refers to Able2Doc, Able2Doc Professional, Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.

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