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My PIN number does not work when I enter it. I get the message: Invalid PIN. What should I do?


This could be happening for one of the two reasons:

  • You have accidentally made a typo when entering your PIN. In this case, please make sure you have entered all the characters correctly. Then click on the "Confirm" button.

  • You have purchased PIN for one version of Able2Extract, but have installed different version. In this case, please make sure that you have installed the correct version of our application (i.e. the one you are licensed for), because our license keys are version specific and therefore will not work with any other version of Able2Extract software.

In case you don’t have the installation file for your version of the software or are not sure which version of Able2Extract you are licensed for, please email with your PIN and we will get it working for you.


This article refers to Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.

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