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What are the hardware requirements for running Able2Extract on my computer?


The hardware requirements are as follows:
• Processor:
o Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon XP class processor, 1.4 GHz or better, x86 architecture
o Intel Core 2 Duo, 1.4 GHz or better
• Memory:
o 512+ MB of free memory available for Software
• Disk space:
o 30 MB of disk space for the program components
o 50+ MB of disk space for the temporary files
o Additional disk space required for input and output files
• Monitor:
o 1024 (Width) x768 (Height) screen resolution
o 16bit (HighColor) or 24/32bit (TrueColor) color
• Input devices:
o Any pointing device that allows to position mouse cursor and that has at least one button (physical or emulated), such as mouse, trackball, trackpad, joystick, pointing stick, graphics tablet, stylus, touchpad or touchscreen ("Mouse"). The button that is used by default to click dialog buttons, select menu and so on is referred to as "Main button".
o Physical or virtual keyboard ("Keyboard")

This article refers to Able2Extract  and Able2Extract Professional.


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