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If you are receiving this error message, then you most probably have an older version of Able2Extract (v. 10.0 or older) and the PDF file you are trying to convert is scanned. Namely, all Able2Extract versions older than 11.0 could convert to AutoCAD only native PDF files (i.e. documents that were saved to PDF from a real CAD file).

However, starting from version 11.0, we have improved the product, so with the latest version of our application – Able2Extract Professional 14.0 – you can now convert to AutoCAD both native and scanned PDF files.

If you would like to try out this newest version, you can download and install the free 7-day trial from the link provided below: 

If you decide to do so, please follow these steps in order to convert your scanned PDF to AutoCAD:

  1. Open the PDF file in Able2Extract Professional 14.0 application. 
  2. On the menu bar click Edit and select "OCR Options..."
  3. From the sub-menu that will appear choose "Perform Image-Based Conversion (OCR)".

Now select the data and convert it to AutoCAD in a usual way.

If you are satisfied with the result you have received and are dealing with scanned PDFs often, you may consider upgrading. To upgrade, please click here.

Since you are already Able2Extract user, you will get a discount, so the price of your single upgrade license will be US$ 49.50.


This article refers to Able2Extract and Able2Extract Professional.



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