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Unreadable After Conversion


Unrecognizable Characters on the Excel or Word Output:

This is most common with scanned and image PDFs. There are two primary reasons for this occurrence:

  • The quality of the scan is poor. As such the data extraction technology is not able to correctly interpret the characters in the source document. An easy solution for this is to improve the quality of the scanned document.
  • The PDF, when viewed in the PDF Viewer, is displayed on its side as opposed to in portrait format. As such, it is necessary to rotate the PDF from its side (landscape view) into portrait view. Clicking the Rotate View - Clockwise on the View menu will rotate the document 90 degrees clockwise. Conversely, selecting the Counterclockwise option PDF will rotate the document 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Blank Document:
Getting blank document output most commonly occurs when the data in the PDF document has not been properly selected. You must ensure that you select what you want to convert prior to making the conversion. The detailed instructions for selecting content for conversion can be found on the page below:

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