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Guide for Converting PDFs to Word


Step 1: Open PDF 
Select the Open... command from the File menu.

Or, click on the Open icon on the toolbar:


Step 2: Select the PDF data you want to convert

You must select data in your PDF prior to converting. Three selection types are available:

1. Mouse Selection:
Left click mouse button beginning at the position from which you want to select text. Drag the mouse pointer (while still holding left button pressed!) over the portion of text that you want to select.

2. Edit Menu Options:

  • Select Page Range - Use this to select certain pages of a document (eg. pages 1,4,9, 3-17, etc.)
  • Select All Pages - selects all the pages of a particular document
  • Select All on Page

3. Toolbar Options:

You can also select content using All or Area options on the toolbar:

Clicking on the All option will select the entire document, while clicking on the Area option will allow you to select the data you want converted with your mouse.


Step 3: Convert to MS Word 

Once you select the content, you are ready for conversion.

Click “Word” icon on the toolbar:

Or, select “Convert to Word” in the File menu:


Conversion options for Word

You have three options as to how the output will look within Word:

1. Standard
Retains background images and textual layout. It is “Recommended” because it is generally the best option for editing.
2. Frames
Retains background images and text. Place text into frames (ie. text boxes).
3. Text Only
Only text portions are converted. Text appears in standard Word paragraph format.

Once you have chosen your conversion option, the file will be converted and saved as a .docx file to the specified location on your computer.

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