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Can I use Able2Extract to add annotations to my PDF files?


Yes. With Able2Extract Professional 14.0, you can create and add new annotations to your PDF content or interact with existing PDF annotations through the PDF Annotations Panel.

Note: The feature was first embedded in version 11.0, so all Able2Extract versions later than v. 11.0 can be used to annotate PDF content.

To enable this feature, open your PDF file in Able2Extract Professional 14.0. By default, the PDF Annotations Panel should appear on the right side of the screen.
However, if the panel does not appear automatically, please click on the View menu and put a checkmark beside the PDF Review Panels option. The panel will now appear on the right-hand side, so here, please make sure that the PDF Annotations Panel tab is selected.


In the PDF Annotations Panel you can select from a wide range of annotations: Sticky noteLinkStampHighlightUnderlineSquiggly (jagged underline), StrikeoutCaretFile Attachment and Watermark.


To annotate your PDF content, select the annotation you wish to use. Once your annotation is selected and activated, you can start inserting and applying it to the page.

You will also be able to further customize your newly created PDF annotations with the corresponding options dialog box that will appear, or through the Properties section which will be activated where applicable.

If you need a more detailed explanation of each PDF annotation option, you can find it in our user guide, under the section named "Annotating PDF Content"

Once you’ve done with annotating your PDF file, don’t forget to save the changes you have made to your opened document by clicking on the Save command on the toolbar.

This article refers to Able2Extract Professional.



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