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Can I use Able2Extract to interact with fillable PDF forms?


Yes, starting from Able2Extract Professional version 12.0 you can interact with fillable PDF forms in two ways.

1. PDF Form Filler

You can fill in PDF forms on your computer, by editing them. Namely, when you open a PDF document, Able2Extract Professional will detect if it is a fillable PDF form. If it is an interactive PDF form, you can start clicking on the form fields to start editing and entering data. When the form is completed, you can save or submit the data.

2. PDF Form Editor

Besides editing the existing PDF forms, you can also use Able2Extract Professional to create and edit your own fillable PDF form. This form can be distributed to others as a file, so they can fill it in. But it can also have the "Submit action" button; so, when a user fills in the form and clicks "Submit", the data collection is sent to Server in one of the following formats:

  • HTML,
  • FDF,
  • XFDF and
  • PDF.

However, please note that in order to collect the form submission data, you would require a server set up which is not included with Able2Extract Professional.

Anyway, to learn more about the ability to create and edit fillable PDF forms, please see our user guide, section "Fill In PDF Forms and Edit or Create Fillable PDF Forms -> PDF Form Editor".


This article refers to Able2Extract Professional.

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