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Can I edit my PDF files with Able2Extract?


Yes, you can.

With the latest version of our application – Able2Extract Professional 14.0 – you can edit both native (electronic) and scanned PDFs on a page level. That is, you can make general modifications to the existing PDF document's pages. For example, you can delete, move, rotate, scale or resize the desired page/pages of your PDF file.
You can also:

  • insert a page/range of pages from another PDF file into PDF currently opened in Able2Extract,
  • insert a (blank) page,
  • extract certain page/range of pages from one PDF file and save this page/these pages as another separate PDF file.

In addition, Able2Extract’s Editing feature allows you to edit the content of your PDF files. This means you can delete and add text to your PDF documents, as well as move the existing text around. You can also:

  • choose a font type, size, and colour of the text;
  • add images to your PDF file (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF);
  • add shapes to your PDF file (by selecting 1 of 9 vector shapes to insert onto the page);
  • move the existing ones around;
  • rotate text, shapes, and images;
  • customize the colour of vector shapes, and set page content object drawing properties such as line dash style, line cap style, line join style, and miter limit;
  • redact your native (i.e. electronically generated) PDF files to permanently remove highly sensitive information, like account information, names, or corporate transactions.

All formatting and style changes made to content objects – namely, vector graphic shapes, bitmap images, and text – are immediately visible until the document is closed. To preserve the modifications made to your content, you will need to save the changes using the Save button on the toolbar, or Save/Save As... option from the File menu.

Please note that content editing of scanned PDF files is limited, since scanned PDFs don’t have any information embedded in them – they are simply images. That’s why you can add text/image/shape over a scanned PDF, but you cannot delete the existing text or objects from it. Also, this is the reason why you cannot redact (i.e. permanently remove) information from a scanned PDF.

To learn more about each of these editing options, please use our help pages available here.


This article refers to Able2Extract Professional.

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